Xtóbal is a versatile artist who bases his work on experimentation. Building on it with a wide range of materials and tools chosen from his life experience and his avid imagination. Among them you can find sculpture, stage design, theater and dance direction, installation... that coexist, interact and, sometimes, oppose each other. Hence the term polyhedral. Perfecting that idea, ten years ago he founded the binomial -EX- for the creation of performance, photo-performance and video-performance, and thus encompass all these disciplines at the same time; with works that distill the idea of not having to give up something. His Kodawari is undoubtedly the search for new limits, new horizons.


Over the years, even having vigorously developed very different themes and looking at what has been done with perspective, that question always underlies my work: 'who are we?', which has also led me, at times, to another question : 'who I am?'.
Identity, a concept that, without a doubt, we all face at some point.
However, it has become a leitmotif, a constant search, which until now has not given me enough answers.
A dissatisfaction that, often as a result of this mis-encounter, creates the desire to continue researching, producing, experimenting...
Everything, I suppose, closely linked to memory as a base, with which to recreate a future where faces are combined in the plural, offering diverse psychological complexities.
The fruits of that path traveled and the one that remains to be covered, are reflected in a multitude of drawings, paintings, sculptures, videos and, for about 10 years, performances.
I understand that the way to deal with a theme, a project, is very often to have and use a set of techniques, materials and supports to be able to find several perspectives on the same subject.

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