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Laboratory of investigation about the live art

Xtóbal directs his artistic activity through the triangulation drawn between the body, the mind and the environment, a framework he calls ¬ Necessary Mutation, conceptual basics of his performances. The method used by Xtóbal is based on the recovery of memories from his childhood; the transformation, when he was still a child, of friends and acquaintances –a game at that time- based on cloths, threads, ropes, plastics, clay, branches, paintings ... This technique has evolved, has been mastered, with its extensive knowledge of both the theatrical and the plastic disciplines; it has become his 'way forward' both in the development of his performances and in the works that emerge from them.

The laboratory specifies the need for research on the live art, using different frameworks contained in projects from distinct fields; and in this way, swell knowledge and experiences through live collaborative artistic representations.